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Our Sahiwals

Sahiwals are beef producers with pure Bos Indicus genes. On the advice of the C.S.I.R.O. they were imported to Australia in 1950 by the Australian Government to provide an ongoing resource for Bos Indicus, particularly for infused breeds which may be losing their Bos Indicus content.


Apart from Bos Indicus features of Sahiwals, they were chosen because of their other qualities needed in the beef industry, like heat tolerance, a high degree of drought resistance, as well as a resistance to parasites, both internal and external.


Having been in the field since around 1960, they have demonstrated an ability to sire small but quick growing, livable calves. High grade Sahiwals, when used over the large British/European breeds, will go a long way towards eliminating problems with calving. These same high grade Sahiwals, used over non Indicus cattle, will also produce a carcass of lean meat; with a desirable fat cover which meets the requirements of the market. Their fast muscle growth genes provide this feature.


Sahiwals are generally red in colour, ranging through reddish brown with varying amounts of white on the neck, the underline and even on the body. In males, the colour darkens towards the extremities which may even be black. The cattle imported to Australia carried very little white on them.