Bulls in Trees

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Fertility Cross Breeding 
* Ease of Calving * Hybird Vigour
* Reproductive up to 20 years * Predominantly Red Colour
* Excellent Mothers * Unique Blending Capactity
* Short Calving to Conception Period * Ideal Crossbred Mother
* Resistant to Eye Cancer
* Eliminates Calving Problems
* Stabilises Herd Quality
Tick and Parasite ControlNo cattle tick Feed Conversion
* Source of Pure Bos Indicus * Superior Fodder Utilization
* Resistant to Ticks * Drought Resistant
* Low-Cost Maintenance * Recovers well from Drought
* Sahiwals are 'No Dip Cattle' * Bloat Tolerance
 Adaptability  Weight Gain and Carcass Appraisal
* Florishes in Tropical Areas * Lean Meat with Even Fat Cover
* Does well in all Areas of Australia * No Excess Fat = Lean Meat
 * Equable Temperament
 Ideal for Small Acreage
* Medium Sized Cattle
* Low Maintenance (resistance to parasites both exyernal and internal)
* Thrive in the sub-tropics under harsh conditions
* Efficent Feed Converters