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Woodford Show

Despite cold and wet conditions, the Sahiwal Cattle exhibited by, ‘Dakabin High School’ and ‘Majarni Meadows Sahiwal Stud’ once again proved worthy recipients of ribbons and awards on the day. Congratulations to all exhibitors for the quality cattle, the fine work by the handlers and to the parents for their support.

daisy woodford reserve champion 09 lincoln woodford supreme champion 09
Exhibited by Majarni –Meadows Sahiwal Stud. "Tallabilla 354 Daisy"  Reserve Champion  Exhibited by Dakabin High School  Majarni-Meadows Lincoln  - Supreme Champion

Nambour Show

Dakabin High School’ and ‘Majarni Meadows Sahiwal Stud’ parade a selection of fine Sahiwal Cattle resulting in several awards.  Congratulations to all the handlers and exhibitors for their polished performance on the day.
 Tallabilla 361 Rose  Daisy Nambour 09
 Tallabilla 361 -Rose "Tallabilla 354 -Daisy"
 Exhibited by 'Majarni-Meadows' Sahiwal Stud   Exhibited by 'Majarni-Meadows' Sahiwal Stud

BEEF WEEK Rockhampton

A fantastic week with memorable experiences,  exceptional cattle and talented handlers.

Congratulations to the exhibitors;

    ‘Kanglade Sahiwal Stud’ – Carmel Evans

    ‘Dakabin High School’ – Fiona Lester

    ‘Majarni-Meadows Sahiwal Stud' – Tania & Jon Fairman, John Channer


bw5Supreme Champion Heifer Dakabin Hebe with her handler Brendan Williams and Tania Fairman at the BEEF WEEK SHOW, Rockhampton May 2009