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Our involvement in Sahiwal cattle commenced in 2005. We were after an animal; well suited to the Australian climate, with an even temperament, minimal maintenance as in tick / parasite management, that calved easily and of medium size. After extensive research we purchased several Sahiwal cows and calves and have enjoyed seeing our stud grow and our appreciation of the Sahiwal qualities and attributes, deepen.Tania Son190

 Sahiwal cattle are very versatile. Used to complement the beef industry ( lean meat, good fodder conversion, heat tolerance, tick resistance and so on) and the dairy industry ( high butter fat content in their milk ) we highly recommend the breed as a positive addition to any herd, either as a breed in its own right or for cross breeding.

We believe Sahiwal cattle have a huge potential in the cattle industry. They are a breed gaining recognition for their benefits within Australia and overseas. We sell all the calves we produce with many interstate and overseas enquiries.

Located on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, we produce quality animals that are a fine representation of the Sahiwal breed. Results at numerous Agricultural Shows and Rockhampton Beef Week, 2009, are a testament to the quality of our animals.

We welcome enquiries so please feel free to contact us for more information.


Tania & Jon Fairman, John Channer.